**NEW** Online Lessons For Golf Newbies

It is high time I share what my junior students have taught me over the past 10 years about teaching one how to golf their ball. And since the summer months are starting, what better way than to use my Blog as a way to document  the basic steps for lessons.

I believe golf is best taught through regular lessons with lots of practice in between. So I will do my best to post one lesson per week. The series of lessons will be designed to take a novice through the lessons necessary for them to become comfortable playing on the course  . . .with others!

The lessons will contain video, stills and text. The ultimate goal will be to complete a series of digital lessons that will allow a non-PGA Professional (coaches, parents, etc.) to introduce someone to the game of golf.

To conclude, please share your thoughts and comments to the blog entries. Together, the final product will be better than what I can create alone.


Tom Nelson