The Solano Golf Pro's Story

So why am I hosting this website and blogging about golf? Well, put simply, it is time to document my life long observations with regards to golf. But who exactly am I and what qualifies me to write these posts?

Well, I started playing golf at age 13 in 1970. I played competitively as an amateur for the next 10 years. And I was a four year letterman on the Santa Clara University golf team. After college I quickly realized that I was not going to have the time or financial resources to try to make even the mini-tours. So I quit playing and went to work in the Silicon Valley. But I always hoped to have the opportunity to coach kids when I someday retired.

Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with lymphoma. Everything I read said that I probably had about four years left on this earth. And for much of the final years, I would be making regular trips to the chemo chair. So, my retirement goals were pushed up a bit.

But, by the grace of God and the work of a great oncologist, Dr. Louis Fehrenbacher and his team slammed my cancer into remission. So, for the past ten summers I have been coaching and teaching kids of all ages the game of golf for Kemper Sports here in Fairfield, CA. I also have been the swing coach for the past three years for Fairfield's Holy Spirit Middle School's golf team. The ten year contiguous period has allowed me to watch kids progress from learning how to grip a club all the way to becoming college scholarship golfers, PGA professionals, and local amateur tournament champions. But it also has let me see a number of kids that desired to be champions fail somewhere along the way.

So what is the difference? Why do so some kids achieve the highest level of play while others never achieve a single digit index? Well, there is no definative answer to this question, but there are an infinite number of opinions. And I have decided to set mine to paper and/or digital ink.

Ok, my opinion and $.25 won't even get you a cup of coffee these days. (Back in the 70's I remember my parents paying a dime for a cup of coffee).  And yes I am pompous enough to believe my opinion is downright awesome. But, I am not delusional enough to believe that I actually am 100% correct.

So why take the time and effort to create this blog? Well, putting my ideas to paper might start 'the discussion.' My hope is that my blog articles can be used as 'food-for-'thought.' With a blog format, others can add their observations and opinions. As a collective, this site has the potential of being highly valuable to kids, parents and their coaches.

So, please participate in this project. Give your feedback; voice your opinion. And share the posts with your friends on you favorite social media sites. Together a group of people that love the Game, we might have some fun.


Tom Nelson
The Solano Golf Pro